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September 28 2018

Volvo endorses the G7 Ocean Plastics Charter

This month, Scandinavian car manufacturer, Volvo, has endorsed the G7’s Oceans Plastics Charter; supporting its industry-leading commitment to reducing ocean plastic pollution.

The premium car maker has joined one of the world’s most important environmental summits, in order to take the lead on one of the most pressing issues of our time – ocean plastic pollution. A move which strengthens Volvo’s position as global leaders in sustainability, for the automotive industry.

The summit, which takes place in Halifax, Canada brings together governments, NGOs and businesses; and Volvo has endorsed its support for the charter, and has detailed its own sustainability programme, including its Plastics Vision, which aims to increase the amount of recycled plastic used in the production of its vehicles.

With one of the most comprehensive sustainability programmes in the automotive world, Volvo is on track to reduce and minimise its environmental impact across its supply chain, and in its manufacturing chain. As it stands, Volvo is the only automotive industry to endorse the G7’s Ocean Plastics Charter.

The charter, which commits governments to take steps towards addressing the global problem of ocean plastic pollution – through promoting the reduce, reuse, recycle approach towards single use plastic.

“Our overall approach to sustainability actively supports the G7 Ocean Plastics Charter, making our endorsement of the charter a natural extension of that approach,” says Maria Hemberg, Senior Vice President Group Legal, General Counsel and Chair of Volvo Cars’ Sustainability Board.

This year, the car giant committed to using 25% recycled plastics in all of its vehicles, by 2025. A target that the company is currently on target to achieve. As well as promoting the use of recycled ocean plastic in its new vehicles, the company also promotes other ways of saving the world’s oceans.

The recent Volvo Ocean Race sailing competition focused on the issue of ocean plastic pollution. This focus was reflected in funding by Volvo for marine health research as part of the Ocean Race as well as dozens of successful beach cleaning events around the globe, involving thousands of Volvo Cars employees.

The Volvo office is also committed to reducing plastics pollution and is currently in the process of removing single-use plastics from all its offices, canteens and events, by the end of 2019. Every year the programme replaces over 20 million single-use plastic items such as cups, food containers and cutlery with more sustainable alternatives, including biodegradable products made of paper, pulp and wood.

All figures provided are those of the manufacturer, and are not necessarily those of Green Leasing.

Posted on 28th September 2018 at 3:50PM

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