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August 29 2017

Toyota supports hydrogen fuel cell technology

August has been a busy month for Toyota, as the Japanese car manufacturer has announced several carbon conscious initiatives. The initiatives include studies on energy conservation with Seven Eleven Japan, and the company’s support of the Energy Observer, the world’s first hydrogen powered boat. 

The steps taken towards more sustainable and carbon conscious travel place Toyota at the forefront of the sustainable travel debate; with the company supporting pioneering work in the field of hydrogen fuel cells. 

Early August saw the Japanese brand announce that it has started studies, alongside Seven Eleven Japan, into energy conservation and CO2 emission reductions in the distribution and in stores. The partnership between the two companies aims to contribute to the realisation of a low-carbon and hydrogen-based society in the future, through introducing vehicles and power generators that will be developed by Toyota and will use hydrogen fuel cells as the primary source of power. 

The specific themes that will be studied as part of the partnership, will be the distribution of the Seven Eleven products; introducing fuel cell trucks inside which the refrigeration unit, as well as the vehicle itself, will be powered by fuel cells. This move will contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions in the distribution of Seven Eleven stores, and an energy management system inside the stores will see solar powered generators used throughout stores in a bid to reduce emissions. 

More recently, Toyota has shown a wave of support for the Energy Observer, which is the world’s first hydrogen powered boat. The Energy Observer, which is a pioneering vessel about to set sail on a six-year world voyage, will be able to create its own hydrogen fuel on board, from seawater, using only solar, wind and hydro-generated power. 

As part of Toyota’s mission to build a future hydrogen society, the company’s support for the vessel and its groundbreaking journey will raise awareness of the pioneering technology worldwide. Acting as a floating smart grid system, drawing its power directly from nature in the form of solar, wind and wave energy, the Energy Observer will be visiting 101 ports in 50 different countries as part of its experimental science expedition.

Victorien Erussard, captain of the Energy Observer said: “We are proud to be part of such an ambitious project for the good of our planet. It shares the same ecological values and eagerness for energetic transition as exemplified by the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050.” 

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Posted on 29th August 2017 at 2:59PM

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