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March 17 2018

In the Spotlight: Make Liverpool

The first recipient of our quarterly Go Green Fund, Make Liverpool is a makerspace in Liverpool’s north docks, bringing the community together and keeping age old crafts alive. We spoke to director, Alex Kelly, to find out more about Make Liverpool, and how it will use the Go Green Fund…


Can you tell me about Make Liverpool and the work that it does?

Make Liverpool is a community interest company that provides artistic services to the maker community in Liverpool and beyond. Primarily focused on our workshops we host a range of courses and training as well as offer different types of workspace.

How does the Make membership work?

It works a lot like a monthly gym membership. You sign up and have an induction, so you can safely use all the equipment. Then you can come and go as you please during the opening times. We have a technician on site to oversee the health and safety and assist members with the machinery.

How does Make work with the local community?

We are involved with the local community and the maker community in Liverpool, in a number of ways. We host regular meetups for the maker community as a great way to showcase work and do some informal networking and we host classes and training opportunities for people to learn new making skills.

What type of activities and events can people expect to find at Make Liverpool?

We offer a variety of classes from coding a drone for kids, to needle felting. Our most popular class is the introduction to woodwork. A great way to learn a new skill by taking the participants through the different skills and techniques needed to create a wooden toolbox or wine rack.

Make Liverpool is a recipient of the Go Green Leasing Fund – how will this money help Make Liverpool to flourish?

Last year we crowdfunded to add a metal work offer to our workshop. The Go Green fund will go towards sponsoring an introduction to metal work class.

What’s next for Make Liverpool?

Next is the metal workshop! We'll continue to add to our workshop offer and after the success of our crowdfunding campaign we'll be adding a metal workshop at our north docks warehouse.


Posted on 17th March 2018 at 4:39PM

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