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May 15 2018

May Fleet News

BMW recalls over 300,000 of its vehicles

This week, German car manufacturer, BMW, has recalled over 300,000 of its vehicles, amidst claims that the vehicles have unsafe electrical faults. The affected vehicles were recalled in a statement from the manufacturer, earlier this week due to concerns that they could stall without warning whilst driving. Owners of the BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, Z4 and X1 petrol and diesel models, which were manufactured between March 2007 and August 2011, have been advised to return their cars to their local dealership to be checked and repaired.

Following an investigation by the BBC’s Watchdog last year, BMW initially recalled over 36,000 vehicles due to system failures throughout some of their models. The brand has since been criticised for not making UK safety officials aware of potential issues with the vehicles, which lead to a fatal collision on Christmas day in 2016.

Specs and prices revealed for C-Class Saloon and Estate

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the prices, specifications and CO2 emission details for its C-Class Saloon and Estate models. With a choice of one diesel and two petrol engines, the new C-Class will have a starting price of £33,180 and will come in three trim lines: the SE, Sport, and AMG Line. The C 220 d comes with the all-new 2.0 litre diesel engine, which has been used in the E-Class model, and has CO2 emissions from 117g/km. The C 200 has a newly designed 1.5 litre petrol engine and emits 136g/km of CO2. The other model, the AMG Line, which has also been revealed this month, emits 213g/km of CO2.

Government urges transport companies to share data

The UK government has announced that it is calling upon transport companies to share their data with mobility service providers, to create more of an open market and create a joint vision for the future of transport in the UK. Transport companies such as taxi companies, bike share companies, car clubs and car makers have all been called upon to release their data.

Air pollution doubled due to cold weather and short trips

A warning has been given to drivers who use their vehicles for short trips, detailing the higher levels of toxins released during shorter trips, compared with figures from longer trips. Following a particularly cold and wet winter, drivers in the UK have been opting to drive short distances rather than walk, bike or catch public transport. According to new research, more pollution is emitted from modern vehicles in the first five minutes of running due to the vehicle taking this length of time to warm up, and the study also shows that over half of national car trips are less than five miles.

Global Action Plan is calling on all drivers to ditch their cars on Clean Air Day, which falls on 21 June this year.

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Posted on 15th May 2018 at 9:13AM

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