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September 15 2017

Latest Fleet News: September 2017

E10 petrol could significantly reduce carbon emissions 

The introduction of E10 petrol, with 10% bioethanol content could go a long way towards reducing Britain’s carbon emissions, a recent announcement by LowCVP has highlighted. As a way of rapidly reducing carbon emissions on the UK’s roads, the E10 petrol has been welcomed by the government. Following the UK government’s recent announcement that it will increase the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation, LowCVP - which is the London-based low carbon vehicle partnership - has published a report entitled: Successfully Deploying E10 petrol. The carbon conscious group concluded that the innovative bioethanol petrol would lower the UK’s carbon emissions by replacing 10% of fossil petrol with renewable bioethanol petrol by 2020. 

Post-2021 framework in place for CO2 emissions 

The future of UK’s roads has been laid out this month by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, where it used the Frankfurt Motor Show as a platform to announce its plans. As the European Commission is set to reveal its proposal on CO2 targets for cars post-2021 in the coming months, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association has proposed a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions for passenger cars by 2030, as opposed to 2021. The figures are based on the real-world takeup of electric vehicles, which will be imperative to a CO2 reduction taking place over the next decade. 

Amazon teams up with Seat 

This month the tech and e-commerce giant, Amazon, has announced its plans to team up with Seat, and install Alexa in the Spanish car manufacturer’s vehicles. Alexa, which is Amazon’s voice service - similar to Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana - will be primarily available in the Sean Leon and Ateca models later this year; and then incorporated into the brand’s Ibiza, Arona and new SUV, in 2018. The partnership will allow drivers and passengers to optimise their time in the vehicle by using voice commands in order to personalise their experience. 

Honda goes electric 

The Japanese car manufacturer, Honda, has announced that it will feature electrified technology in all of its new European vehicles. The announcement, which came during the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, was made by Honda president and CEO Takahiro Hachigo as the brand unveiled its urban EV concept. In Europe, Honda aims to have electrified technology in two thirds of its new cars by 2025. 

Mercedes-Benz’s GLC F-Cell is in preproduction 

As announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, the Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell is currently in preproduction. The vehicle combines fuel cell and battery technology, making it a plug in hybrid, whilst incorporating hydrogen fuel technology into its makeup. Tipped as being highly practical and economical the GLC F-Cell will be the first in a series of Mercedes-Benz electrified vehicles.

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Posted on 15th September 2017 at 3:00PM

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