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August 10 2017

Latest Fleet News - August 2017

UK government invests £4.5 million in electric charge points 

The UK government has split £4.5 million across 25 London boroughs, for each to install electric vehicle charging points on the city’s streets. The boroughs, which will each receive £300,000, will install up to 1,500 standard speed charging points in total, in residential areas across the capital. The move will allow those in residential areas of London, without access to off-street parking, the opportunity to access electric charge points - and will act as an incentive to switch to a less polluting form of transport. The selected boroughs sought the funding for a number of factors, including perceived demand and electric vehicle takeup. A number of progressive approaches will be trialed with the installation, including using lampposts as the base and power supply for charge points. 

Company car drivers hit five year high 

Figures released this month from HMRC show that the uptake of company cars is at its highest level in five years. The data, which reveals that 960,000 employees paid benefit in kind tax on a company car in 2015/16 has risen by 1% compared to the previous year. The increase in the uptake means that the average value of a company car to the UK government sits at £2,166 per year, an increase of 29% compared to 2009/10 when the value was £1,680 per vehicle, per year. 

BP invest in a wave of electric car charging points 

A large number of EV charging points have been donated to BP from Rolec EV. The points, which will be wall-mounted, were donated from Rolec EV’s exploration centre in Sunbury-on-Thames and are bespoke units offering 16 and 32 amp Mode 3 fast charging via a Type 2 charging socket. Complete with security hatchlocks, the new AutoCharge EV charging points will go a long way towards encouraging the uptake of plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles. Managing director of Rolec commented on the transaction: “The AutoCharge wall units chosen by BP offer a robust, hard wearing EV charging solution specifically designed and manufactured for commercial and public facing applications. These particular units feature our easy to operate pay-by-token charging solution, complete with charge time availability, digital display screen and tariff configurator.” 

Mazda announces the Skyactiv-X 

This month, Japanese car manufacturer, Mazda, has announced the launch of its all-new Skyactiv-X - the world’s first commercial petrol engine to use compression ignition, which will see the fuel air ignite spontaneously when compressed by the piston. Combining the advantages of both a petrol and a diesel engine, Mazda’s next generation internal combustion engine is set to be launched by the company in 2019. Also on Mazda’s horizon is its Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 vision, which will focus on carbon dioxide reduction from a well-to-wheel perspective, and will consider the lifecycle of a product over the course of its life. 

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Posted on 10th August 2017 at 2:58PM

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