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July 20 2018

Fleet News July 2018

New Hyundai Tucson prices and specifications revealed

Hyundai has announced the pricing and specifications for the all-new Tucson, which will go on general sale at the end of July. With a starting price of £21,845, the Tucson has had a facelift when compared to its predecessor, and will be the first model from the brand to introduce a mild-hybrid diesel powertrain.

One of Hyundai’s best-selling models, the Tucson burst onto the scene in 2015, and its popularity has grown ever since. With a refreshed design and a plethora of safety features, the Tucson comes complete with a range of cutting edge technology, which can be controlled from the 7-inch touch display in the cockpit.

Transport for London is changing the city’s congestion charge

In a bid to revamp and renew London’s congestion charge, which has been in place in the capital for 15 years, Transport for London is changing the Ultra-Low Emission Discount to a Cleaner Vehicle Discount. Set to target the increasing amount of private hire vehicles on the city streets, the changes will also help to reduce air pollution in the capital. As it stands, the volume of vehicles on the city’s roads during daytime hours has increased to over 18,000 per day – 12,000 more than when the charges first came into play.

The proposed changes will come into effect in April 2019.

Jaguar’s Go I-Pace app shows the true cost of electric vehicles

A new free app from Jaguar shows the true cost of running an electric vehicle, as a way of proving the benefits of owning an I-Pace, the first electric vehicle from the brand. The Go I-Pace app allows users to input the cost of running their current vehicle, and compares the data to that of what owning an I-Pace would be like. Often proving that an EV is cheaper to run and maintain than a traditional diesel or petrol vehicle, the app documents driving data and breaks down when and if drivers would have needed to charge their vehicles for the same journey.

The Jaguar I-Pace has a range of 298 miles on a single charge.

Today’s hybrids will miss the government’s 2040 emissions targets

The UK government has this month had to defend its target to outlaw the sale of diesel and petrol engines by 2040, after claims that the target set was not good enough. Calls for the deadline to be brought forward to 2030 have been made by many people in order to tackle the environmental issues caused by conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. Sir Richard Branson has called for the deadline to be pulled forward to 2025.

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Posted on 20th July 2018 at 3:33PM

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