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April 10 2017

Fleet News - April

Infiniti reveals the first look at the QX80 Monograph SUV 

This month, Infiniti - the luxury strand of the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan, has revealed the first look at its luxury SUV, which has been dubbed by many as the future of the SUV. Contending with the likes of the Audi Q7 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE. The QX80 Monograph combines luxury with a commanding presence, and a vast amount of interior space. The manufacturer has revealed that it will be unveiling the model at the 2017 New York auto show in mid April. 
Mayor of London backs diesel scrappage scheme 

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has written to Prime Minister Theresa May, urging the implementation of a diesel scrappage scheme. The letter has urged the UK government to sign up to a series of large-scale interventions such as a national diesel scrappage fund, new low-emission zones for the UK - and commit to a Clean Air Act. The urgency of Mr Khan’s actions stem from the fact that if the UK doesn’t act now - the country will fail to meet its legal requirements for air quality control. 

Fuel prices dropped by 2.5p per litre in March 2017 

In March, RAC Fuel Watch reported a 2.5p drop in the price of fuel per litre, which saw petrol prices down to 117.54p and diesel down to 119.54p per litre. Price drops have been welcomed across the board, thanks to the biggest fall in the price of a barrel of oil since July 2016 - and meaning that around £1.40 has been shaved off the price of a full tank refill. This is the first drop in fuel prices for some time, with prices remaining static in February; and December 2016 seeing a price hike of an extra 5p per litre. 

Interest in electric vehicles spikes thanks to car clubs 

A recent survey conducted by the Enterprise Car Club, which analysed over 1000 car club users - both individuals and businesses - has helped towards a recent spike in the interest of electric vehicles. The findings of the survey, which has likened car clubs to being as effective as ‘shop windows’ when it comes to selling EVs, found that 20% of members have driven an EV in the past, with half of those admitting this was due to curiosity. One third of users admitted to using an electric vehicle because of the environmentally-friendly implications - and 86% admitted to being happy to use an electric car as part of their car club membership.

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Posted on 10th April 2017 at 2:46PM

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