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February 09 2018

February Fleet News

Skoda drops diesel option for the Fabia supermini

With the recent hype surrounding diesel engines and how harmful they actually are to the environment; combined with a barrage of anti-diesel rhetoric in the press at the moment – it doesn’t really come as a surprise that major manufacturers are thinking of pulling diesel engines from their catalogue. A move which has recently been announced by Skoda, in relation to its new Fabia supermini line. The company is instead focusing on small capacity petrol vehicles, which it says will improve fuel economy and have ‘exceptional emissions’. The Fabia, which will be available with a choice of four 1.0 litre engines, doesn’t yet have any data regarding CO2 emissions or fuel emission data, will be launched during the second half of 2018.

Drivers take their eyes off the road for 7% of their journey

Research recently carried out by French car manufacturer, Peugeot, has found that drivers take their eyes of the road for an average of 7% of the time, whilst in charge of a vehicle. When translating the percentage into a distance, that is equivalent of two miles, for every one-hour journey at 30 mph – that’s the length of 32 football pitches. The findings were obtained after the manufacturer studied 25 different motorists taking the same six-mile journey, and data was collected via specialised eye-glasses which analysed driver behaviour whilst they were behind the wheel. The study was commissioned to highlight the advantages of Peugeot’s new iCockpit system, which has a smaller steering wheel and a raised instrument panel, which means that drivers have less distractions whilst driving.

Chargemaster is expanding its network of EV charging stations

Chargemaster is rolling out 2,000 new charging points in 2018, which will include around 400 rapid charging points. The move, which will see an increased rollout of Chargemaster’s Polar network, is hoped to encourage the uptake of EV and plug-in hybrid vehicles by installing charging points in strategic locations including hotels, petrol stations and shopping centres. In 2018, it is estimated that there will be around 8,500 charge points available on the Chargemaster network, of which there are over 700 rapid charge points.

London hits its yearly limit of air pollution in just one month

We’re all aware of the congestion on the capital’s streets, and its impact on human health. Over the years, many initiatives have been carried out in order to lessen the vehicles on London’s roads, including the introduction of the congestion charge, however – as is evident this month – it doesn’t seem to be working, and London has reached its annual capacity of allowed air pollution, in just one month. The air pollution was measured on the city’s busy Lambeth Road in Brixton, and it has sparked a legal challenge from ClientEarth, which has taken the UK government to the high court for the third time over illegal air pollution levels.

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Posted on 9th February 2018 at 5:18PM

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