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May 24 2018

Electric vehicle patenting is expected to reach a new high in 2018

Electric vehicle patenting is expected to reach a new high in 2018, with over 7,500 individual patent applications registered – a figure which is due to increase to 8,500 by 2020. The research into EV innovation was conducted by PatSnap – the world’s leading provider of research and development analytics – and findings have been published in the Electric Vehicle Intellectual Property Report 2018.

The report analyses the increased innovation in the EV market over the past decade, as the motoring world shifts towards renewable energy and begins cutting its carbon tyre track, to keep ahead of the trends in electric vehicle innovation. Looking at some of the key players in the manufacturing business, the report also analyses lesser known innovators in the EV game, such as Wuxi Zunbao and Faraday Futures – EV innovators that are less well known than the likes of Tesla, Toyota and General Motors.

The manufacturer which holds the most patents is South Korean manufacturer, Hyundai, which currently holds 4,821 individual patents for electric vehicles. Toyota, Kia Motors, Hitachi and General Motors follow closely behind. The top five companies are remaining diverse in their patenting technology, whilst electronics companies are focusing on the development and patenting of fuel cell technologies, batteries and power transfer technology. The report shows that there is scope for an emerging organisation to establish and maintain a leading position when it comes to EV innovation and manufacturing.

There are several areas which manufacturers can apply for a patent, with the top five technology areas for EV related patents being:

1.        Electric propulsion with power supplied within the vehicle – (14.92% of all patent applications)

2.       Manufacturing of secondary cells – 9.52%

3.       Arrangements for charging/ depolarising batteries – 9.15%

4.      Arrangement of diverse prime movers for propulsion – 7.38%

5.       Conjoint control of different vehicle sub units – 6.93%

An interesting result that the Electric Vehicle Intellectual Property Report 2018 showed, was that electronics companies such as Bosch, Samsung and Sony hold around 900 relevant EV patents between them. This figure signals that the companies might, in the near future, enter the EV market themselves – and if they do, they would be in a strong position in relation to their established competition.

The most valuable patent, which goes by the catchy name of US20130300358A1, is owned by a company called Qualcomm, and is a ‘wireless power transfer for appliances and equipment’. This patent relates to wireless charging, which it is predicted will be an important move in the development of electric vehicles over the coming years, due to the technology’s far-reaching scope. Qualcomm’s patent is estimated to be worth over $43.4 million, an increase of $6 million on its estimated value in December 2017.

The report suggests that electric vehicle innovation is picking up pace, and a number of key technology players could soon be selling their own EVs, in an increasingly competitive segment.

All figures provided are those of the manufacturer, and are not necessarily those of Go Green Leasing.

Posted on 24th May 2018 at 3:09PM

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