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April 13 2018

April Fleet News

Audi A6 Avant revealed

This month, German car manufacturing giant Audi has revealed its all-new A6 Avant, which will be available to buy in summer 2018.

The A6 estate is an upgrade from its predecessor in that it will be much more technologically advanced and will be more spacious with a sleeker design. With a bodywork designed to improve aerodynamics and cut down on the Avant’s fuel emissions and wind noise, Audi has announced that the new vehicle is stronger and quieter than ever before.

A full digital Audi Virtual Cockpit will be available as an optional addition to some models.

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Government considers new licenses for young drivers

The Department for Transport has announced that it is considering new legislation regarding young, novice drivers. The new licences, which will act as graduated driving licences for those aged 24 and under, are to be taken from an upcoming trial of the scheme in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Irish legislation, which is currently in the second stage of a public consultation, will see a series of provisions introduced for drivers under the age of 25, which include mandatory R plates to be displayed on each vehicle (R short for restricted), and a passenger restriction order. Drivers aged 24 and under will only be allowed to carry one passenger between the hours of 11pm and 6am – the rule will not apply to direct family members.

Manchester Metro Mayor calls for new approach to reducing emissions

Manchester’s Metro Mayor, Andy Burnham, has announced that there needs to be a bold approach to reducing carbon and nitrogen emissions on today’s roads. His announcement was made at the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership’s Moving North Conference, where he met with industry leaders to discuss the future of green transport in the North of England, and the subsequent business created from it.

His keynote address set out his roadmap for a cleaner Greater Manchester and was welcomed by many leaders in the EV and green transport industry.

More support needed for EV charging network to work

Only a third of EU countries are making investments in EV charging infrastructure and offering incentives for car buyers to opt for a plug in electric vehicle, over a traditional ICE. The findings come from a recent report conducted by the European Environment Agency (EEA), which has concluded that much more needs to be done in support of a EU-wide electric vehicle charging infrastructure, for it to become successful.

The report also found that only 10 out of 28 EU countries were offering incentives for EV charging points, which was stifling the growth of EV uptake across the entire continent. The figures mean that public confidence in electric vehicles will be limited, as the fear of being unable to charge their car whilst on the continent will hinder the decision-making process.

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Posted on 13th April 2018 at 2:22PM

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