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October 09 2017

Honda announces the electrification of European Fleet

The Japanese car manufacturing giant, Honda, has announced that it is electrifying its fleet - starting with all of the vehicles it launches in Europe - in a bid to cut its carbon tyre-print. Following in the footsteps of other leading manufacturers such as Volvo - which recently announced that it is phasing ...

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September 29 2017

Hyundai announces i30 N specification and pricing

This month, Japanese car manufacturer Hyundai has announced pricing and specifications for the all new Hyundai i30 N. The i30 N, which will start from £24,995 on the road, is the first performance car under the new Hyundai N sub-brand, and motorists can expect an extensive list of state ...

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September 25 2017

In the spotlight: Q-Park

More than just a car parking provider, Q-Park is one of the largest in the world; and with great power comes great responsibility. In this case, the company's power comes in the form of electric car charging points, which it has installed in almost 200 spaces across the country ...

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September 22 2017

Volvo named as LEAD member of the UN Global Compact

The Scandinavian car manufacturer Volvo has been internationally recognised by the United Nations for its electrification strategy. The recognition comes from the UN’s Global Compact, which is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, and addresses the progress made by companies in meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

The UN ...

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September 15 2017

Latest Fleet News: September 2017

E10 petrol could significantly reduce carbon emissions 

The introduction of E10 petrol, with 10% bioethanol content could go a long way towards reducing Britain’s carbon emissions, a recent announcement by LowCVP has highlighted. As a way of rapidly reducing carbon emissions on the UK’s roads, the E10 petrol has ...

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September 07 2017

Jaguar unveils the electrifying new E-type Zero

It’s been dubbed as ‘the most beautiful electric car in the world’, and from the images which have been supplied by Jaguar this week of its all new E-type Zero, it would certainly seem so. However, there’s one slight glitch, as it stands, there isn’t a single E-type Zero in ...

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September 01 2017

Audi goes green as it announces zero carbon emissions

The logistics department for the German car manufacturer, Audi, is leading the charge in the fight against climate change. A pioneer for climate protection, the rail-arm of the company's transport systems has this month announced that all of its rail transport in Germany is CO2-free. Audi is the first ...

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August 29 2017

Toyota supports hydrogen fuel cell technology

August has been a busy month for Toyota, as the Japanese car manufacturer has announced several carbon conscious initiatives. The initiatives include studies on energy conservation with Seven Eleven Japan, and the company’s support of the Energy Observer, the world’s first hydrogen powered boat. 

The steps taken towards more ...

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August 16 2017

Introducing the Go Green Leasing Fund

This month, Go Green Leasing has launched the Go Green Fund, which will see £500 donated on a quarterly basis to grassroots, sustainable businesses and intitiatives across the UK. And we've already gifted our first fund...

As well as being able to offer fantastic deals on many different vehicle ...

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August 10 2017

Latest Fleet News - August 2017

UK government invests £4.5 million in electric charge points 

The UK government has split £4.5 million across 25 London boroughs, for each to install electric vehicle charging points on the city’s streets. The boroughs, which will each receive £300,000, will install up to 1,500 standard speed ...

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August 03 2017

In the spotlight: Go Ultra Low

Go Ultra Low is the new joint venture between the UK government and industry, which increases consumers' consideration of electric vehicles, helping them to understand the benefits and cost-savings of investing in an EV. We spoke to Go Ultra Low's Poppy Welch to find out more...

What do you ...

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July 28 2017

UK government unveils plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040

This week, the UK government has outlined its proposal to ban all diesel and petrol cars, a move which will come into action from 2040. The ban is a bid to tackle the UK’s growing problem of air pollution, but it has been met with varying levels of criticism and ...

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July 24 2017

Latest Fleet News - July 2017

Vauxhall reveals all-new Grandland X 

Vauxhall has revealed a sneak review of its all-new Grandland X, its crossover SUV which is due for official release in September 2017. The Grandland X, which will follow the brand’s recent successful release of the Crossland X, will rival the likes of the Seat ...

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July 10 2017

Volvo announces all-electric fleet line up

The Swedish car manufacturer, Volvo, has announced plans that every single car rolling off its production line will be fitted with an electric motor. The move, which will begin in 2019, will see every one of its vehicles becoming all-electric, and marks the end of the internal combustion engine.  ...

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July 05 2017

Renault reaffirms its commitment to the circular economy

The Renault Group has reaffirmed its commitment to promote a circular economy throughout all its manufacturing processes, by renewing its partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. 

Originally forged in 2010 – the same year that the Ellen MacArthur Foundation was founded – the partnership between the two will mean ...

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