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March 17 2018

In the Spotlight: Make Liverpool

The first recipient of our quarterly Go Green Fund, Make Liverpool is a makerspace in Liverpool’s north docks, bringing the community together and keeping age old crafts alive. We spoke to director, Alex Kelly, to find out more about Make Liverpool, and how it will use the Go Green Fund… ...

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March 16 2018

Geneva Motor Show - 2018 Roundup

The Geneva Motor Show is over for another year, and – as can be expected – there was a plethora of showcases, premieres, demonstrations and big reveals taking place across the duration of the show. One of the stand out winners of the show, and a definite trend, was the ...

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March 09 2018

Fleet News - March

Presenting Go Green Leasing’s monthly round-up of news and views for the motoring world. This month, we look at new diesel vehicles; CO2 emissions and we get some insights from the annual Geneva Motor Show.

New diesel engines as clean as petrol, concludes new report

A report has been published ...

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March 02 2018

Toyota to manufacture new Auris in UK car plant

With Brexit negotiations underway, the UK is holding its breath to see how businesses will respond to the upcoming split from our European neighbours. With MPs calling for the UK car industry to be at the heart of Brexit negotiations, it’s welcome news that Toyota is planning on manufacturing its ...

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February 23 2018

Vauxhall Corsa celebrates 25th birthday in style.

This year, the Vauxhall Corsa is celebrating its 25th birthday in style with a range of attractive deals from as little as £149 per month; as well as revealing 25 things you may not have known about the model.

Always a stylish addition to the Vauxhall range, the Corsa was ...

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February 19 2018

What to expect from the Geneva Motor Show 2018

It’s that time of year again and the Geneva Motor Show will soon be upon us, but what can we expect from this year’s iteration of the annual event? One of the biggest automotive shows on the planet, the Geneva Motor Show is the first event of the year, and ...

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February 09 2018

February Fleet News

Skoda drops diesel option for the Fabia supermini

With the recent hype surrounding diesel engines and how harmful they actually are to the environment; combined with a barrage of anti-diesel rhetoric in the press at the moment – it doesn’t really come as a surprise that major manufacturers are thinking ...

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February 06 2018

Audi announces it's innovative research project into renewable energy grid system

Innovative research conducted by the Audi Smart Energy Network could be the next step towards an electricity revolution. In a recently announced pilot project, the Audi Smart Energy Network will combine automobile, home and power supplies for the first time, marking a major advance for grid stability.

The research project ...

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January 31 2018

In the Spotlight - Fordhall Farm

Fordhall Farm is an organic livestock farm, located in the heart of North Shropshire, in the Tern Valley. As the most recent recipient of the Go Green Fund - a quarterly fund gifted to grassroots and community-led businesses by Go Green Leasing - we caught up with Charlotte Hollins to find out ...

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January 26 2018

Hyundai announces pricing and specifications for the all new i30 Fastback

The all-new Hyundai i30 Fastback has been released for general sale this month, with the pricing and specifications for the model being revealed earlier this week - OTR pricing starts at £20,305. The final model to be released as part of the i30 range, the Fastback joins the Hatchback, Tourer ...

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January 19 2018

January Fleet News

Does the UK need diesel cars to succeed in order to meet its 2021 emissions targets?

The guidelines for CO2 emissions set out by the EU may not be met by the deadline of 2021, if the uptake of diesel cars remains on the decrease. In a recent statement released ...

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January 12 2018

Sales of diesel vehicles plummeted in 2017

Consumer confusion surrounding diesel cars saw sales of the vehicles plummet in 2017. Registrations of new diesel vehicles fell by 17.1% last year, according to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). And it has been predicted - by researchers at Aston University - that sales of ...

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January 04 2018

The best new car releases for 2018

Although 2017 passed us by in a flash, we saw a whole host of new vehicles hit the road, making it one of the most memorable years in recent motoring history. 2017 was a year full of innovation and automation, with everything from self driving vehicles being tested on UK ...

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December 22 2017

Mercedes Benz announces new pricing and specs for the new S-Class Cabriolet

The order books are open for the new S-Class Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet, following the release of pricing and specifications, earlier this month. The ultimate luxury driving experience, the price of the all new S-Class Cabriolet will start from £115,910 for the S 560 AMG line, with the Mercedes AMG S63 ...

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December 22 2017

Ford announces extension to it's scrappage scheme

The UK market leader, Ford, has announced that it will be extending its successful scrappage scheme as its sales and shares have increased over the past few weeks. The announcement has been made in the light of its November sales figures, which were released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers ...

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