End of Contract

Wondering what happens at the end of your contact?

End of Contract

End of Contract


As your current contract comes to end you have several options, we will contact you around 6 months prior to the contract end date to discuss.

Order a Replacement – Most people look to arrange a replacement vehicle; we will discuss your requirements to provide a bespoke quotation, and once ready we will place the order for the new vehicle to coincide with the return of your current one.

Extend Current Agreement – You my want to look at extending your current contract. Most funders will allow for a formal extension of either 6 or 12 months. This can be handy should you not be able to commit to a new lease.

Request a Price to Purchase – Some funders will give you the option to purchase the vehicle you have leased. This price will be calculated at the time and will be based on the vehicle’s mileage and the current market conditions.



If you have exceeded your total contract mileage you will be charged an excess mileage charge by the finance company. The pence per mile rate is detailed in your finance agreement.



When your vehicle is returned to the funder, it is expected to be in a reasonable condition. What is deemed 'reasonable' is defined in the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association's Fear Wear and Tear Guidelines. We can provide you with a copy of the guide upon request. The vehicle will be inspected on the spot by the collection agent who will provide you with a collection note before being taken away. The vehicle may be re-inspected when it arrives at the collection centre.



There are also other requirements when preparing for the return of a vehicle. This includes:

The vehicle must have a valid MOT (if applicable).

The vehicle must be in a safe and roadworthy condition.

The vehicle must have been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedule.

The service book and handbook must be in the vehicle.

Any equipment or possessions must be removed.

All keys must be present.

The vehicle should be in a relatively clean condition, to allow for proper assessment.


As always, our customer care team will be on hand to offer advice and assistance throughout the process. Contact them by calling 01993 226226 or email sales@gogreenleasing.co.uk.

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