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Lease a Volkswagen with GoGreen Leasing

The largest automobile manufacturer on the planet, Volkswagen have been producing mid-range hatchbacks and saloons since the 1930s. Home of the famous Beetle and camper van, Volkswagen are a pop-culture icon. Since the mid-1990s, Volkswagen have also been steadfast in implementing environmental protection schemes, such as reducing greenhouse emissions, developing alternate fuels and hybrid vehicles.

Vauxhall’s main environmental scheme is the development of ecoFLEX technology which involves significant improvements to Vauxhall’s fuel systems, aerodynamics, gearing and tyre profiles, all of which increase performance and efficiency and help reduce emissions.



Volkswagen Contract Hire

Should you wish to discuss any further details on Volkswagen Contract Hire, one of our sales advisers will be on hand to offer any information you may require. They can provide you with a competitive quote, that can be tailored to any individual requirements you may have.

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