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Lease a Hyundai with GoGreen Leasing

The third largest automobile manufacturer on Earth, Hyundai has helped revolutionise modern mass car production since its formation in the 1950s, with the South Korean automobile manufacturer specialising in mid-range hatchbacks and MPVs.

Always looking to innovate, the company motto ‘New thinking. New possibilities’ underpins Hyundai’s eco mission. Hyundai are doing everything from planting grass to deter desertification and rehoming trees affected by plant building, alongside the production of eco efficient hybrids and electric cars.

Hyundai Contract Hire

Should you wish to discuss any further details on Hyundai Contract Hire, one of our sales advisers will be on hand to offer any information you may require. They can provide you with a competitive quote, that can be tailored to any individual requirements you may have.

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