Volkswagen I.D Roomzz Concept Teased


Volkswagen have announced a new vehicle to join their next generation range all-electric vehicle concepts, the latest a full-size SUV which is expected to release in 2021. The new Volkswagen I.D Roomzz model has been teased in a graphic that showcases the full range of vehicles, along with sketches that reveal the overall shape and futuristic LED headlight profiles.

The design language will be familar to those who have seen other vehicles in the I.D concept range, with an overall minimal design that blends seamless lines with an dynamic profile. From the latest sketches we can also see how the LEDs span the entire front, where a traditional grille would usually reside. The new model will debut in the flesh at the Shanghai Auto Show in China this week.


Volkswagen have also palced a large emphasis on the interior of the I.D Roomzz press release, stating that it will offer completely new seat configurations. It will be interesting to see if these seating configurations are based on a fully autonomous driving experience, as the Roomz will also feature the IQ Drive autonomous system that can drive the vehicle without any intervention from a user. 


All models in the I.D concept range are based on the Volkswagen Modular Electric Drive Matrix platform, known as MEB for short, which has been designed for the brands future electric vehicles. A selection of battery capacities will be available on the new platform depedant on the vehicle, though details on the Roomzz powertrain has yet to be confirmed at the time of writing. Expect more information when it is revealed in full at the Shanghai Auto Show.