New study suggests that babies fall asleep easier in an EV

There are many advantages to owning an electric car over an ICE car, but did you know that getting young children to fall asleep was one of them?

New study suggests that babies fall asleep easier in an EV

In a new study commissioned by Citroen, involving 2,000 UK parents, 56.4% claimed that their child found it easier to fall asleep in an EV, compared to just 11.6% who said that it was in fact more difficult.

Managing Director of Citroen UK, Eurig Druce, commented: “For new parents, getting their baby off to sleep is often a challenge. Taking a child for a short drive in a car is a tried and tested method for many parents, and our research shows it can help younger children fall asleep quicker than at home.

The smooth and silent drive from electric vehicles creates an even more calming environment for children and parents alike”.

The research also showed that on average it takes just 16 minutes for a child to fall asleep in a moving vehicle, with 96% of parents saying that their child falls asleep in under 30 minutes.

Electric cars are well known for being quieter than the standard petrol or diesel vehicles because they don’t contain a noisy internal combustion engine. This could prove to be an important factor in helping young children get to sleep on car journeys and is something for parents to bear in mind!


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