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Will the Renault Twizy work for me?

Having driven all of Renault's current electric-car range, I've spent a lot of time wondering who these game-chaning EVs might suit.

Clearly, due to issues of range, cost, lifestyle and simple practicality electric cars will not suit all buyers.

But there are sweet spots where certain car buyers can benefit enormously by jumping onto the electric avenue.

Over the next three days I'll be looking at who should consider investing in an electric car; specifically the current Renault ZE range.

Renault Twizy

While it's not easy to classify the radical Twizy – a mobility solution that comes without doors or significant storage space as standard – it's perhaps best to think of it as an ultra-compact city car.

The Twizy only seats two and has a notional range of around 60 miles on a full electric charge. The Twizy isn't suitable for motorways and is best kept to UK cities and towns.

That makes it perfect as a second or even third car for a cash-conscious family – perhaps for a daily commute or regular chores such as shopping.

Financially the Twizy is cheap to buy, while the battery must be leased from Renault on a monthly subscription.  Renault says that a full electrical charge – from a mains socket through a cable provided with the car, so no need for an expensive wallbox or specialist equipment – will cost around one pound.

All told, the French manufacturer says that the Twizy will be cheaper to run that a scooter. Londoners will dodge the congestion charge, allUKdrivers will be exempt from road tax and maintenance costs are cheaper than a petrol or diesel car.

Driving the Twizy is a remarkably similar experience to driving a normal car. In fact it's rather more enjoyable thanks to the Twizy's sharp steering, strong acceleration and unique nature.

The bottom line: Regular commuters around towns and cities seeking ultra-low running costs, a green lifestyle and something different will love the Twizy's positives. But the Twizy works best as a second car or specialist commuter vehicle and will require ready access to charging points or electric sockets at home or at work..

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of our look at the Renault Electric-Car range..


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We look forward to assisting you.


Content written by @RobinBrown78

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Posted on 16th August 2012 at 12:44 PM

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