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Will the Renault Kangoo ZE work for me?

In Part 1 of our look into the Renault electric-car range yesterday, Robin Brown looked at the Renault Twizy city-car and the type of person that the smallest car in the Renault range was likely to benefit. Today he looks at the Renault Kangoo ZE. 

Renault Kangoo ZE

Having looked at the Renault Twizy, as part of our examination of the Renault ZE range and who it may benefit, I've turned my attention to the Renault Kangoo ZE, an electric vehicle available as a commercial vehicle in Kangoo van and glazed Kangoo Maxi versions - the latter with five or seven seats.

For my money, the Kangoo ZE is perhaps the most viable of Renault's electric vehicles. With a range officially in excess of 100 miles on a full charge, the Kangoo ZE is the only electric van currently offered direct by a large car manufacturer.

Delivery drivers with a daily commute around towns and cities are the obvious market for electric vans, though with a longer range than the smaller Twizy, short hopes between towns and cities on the motorway are not unrealistic.

While list prices and a monthly battery lease need to be considered, the usual EV benefits mean no congestion charge, no road tax, low fuel costs of between £1-3 per charge and lower maintenance costs than a comparable (internal combustion engine) ICE vehicle. For drivers with a daily round, especially in the capital, the financial benefits are obvious and significant.

Renault's battery lease programme does mean additional running costs, but it also removes concerns over batter degradation and should mitigate depreciation - the manufacturer believes that three-year residual values will be roughly similar to ICE vehicles.

The Kangoo ZE can be charged via a dedicated wallbox at home or at work in 6-8 hours, or via public charging points. At a pinch it can also be plugged into a standard socket at home or at work for a top-up.

The Kangoo ZE is perhaps the closest of the Renault EVs to its petrol / diesel cousin to drive and use in the real world. No interior space is lost and the van is as practical as ever.

The bottom line: Drive the Kangoo ZE for up to 100 miles a day on a delivery run and charge it up at night when electricity is cheaper and you're quids in, despite high asking prices. Fleet managers may also scent a PR coup by going green with electric vans; while maintenance costs will be lower than ICE models.

Come back tomorrow for Part 3 of our look at the Renault Electric-Car range..


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Content written by @RobinBrown78

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Posted on 17th August 2012 at 3:51 PM

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