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Volvo teams up with Google Android in its next generation of connected cars

This month, the ever-stylish Scandinavian car manufacturer, Volvo has announced its partnership with Google, to incorporate Android infotainment systems into its future vehicles. The move, which will see Google’s Android platform built into Volvo’s next generation of connected cars, is a revolutionary step forward for the Swedish manufacturer.

Announced earlier this month, the Volvo/ Google partnership will offer a wide array of apps and services, available at the touch of a button, offering connected and predictive services in and around the vehicle. Volvo Cars has announced that the service will be launched on new Volvo models in the next two years.

The partnership between the two companies is the perfect example of the automotive industry’s journey towards becoming more technologically advanced, as the lines are blurred between the two industries. Smart partnerships are becoming a common occurrence in recent times, as vehicle manufacturers are shifting towards autonomous driving, and the Internet of Things – which sees the internet embedded into everyday objects to improve interconnectivity – on the increase.

Since its launch three years ago, Android Auto has been utilised in over 300 models of car worldwide, but the Volvo partnership is the first time the technology has been built into a vehicle from the car’s inception. The app will allow drivers to control the air conditioning, sunroof, windows, Spotify, and even access Google Maps all from the touch of a button on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Offering the ability to fully personalise the connected in-car experience, the partnership signifies a step toward a future of connected cars, as the Android operating system will allow for drivers to access a large catalogue of popular Android apps.

Henrik Green, Volvo’s senior vice president of research and development, commented on the Google partnership:

“We are making an important strategic step with the Google partnership. Google’s platform and services will enhance the user experience by enabling more personalisation possibilities, while Android will offer increased flexibility from a development perspective.

“With the advent of Android, we will embrace a rich ecosystem while keeping our iconic Volvo user interface. We will offer hundreds of popular apps and the best integrated experience in this broad, connected environment.”

The Swedish manufacturer has also announced another Google initiative, which will see an update to more recent Volvo models to add Google Local Search through an update, to motorists who already have Sensus Navigation in their vehicles.

Patrick Brady, vice president of Android engineering at Google expressed his thoughts on the partnership:

“We’re thrilled to partner with Volvo to bring Android into their next generation connected cars. This partnership gives us the opportunity to deliver a more seamless experience to Volvo drivers through a full-featured infotainment platform and rich ecosystem of Android applications and Google services.”

All figures provided are those of the manufacturer(s) and not those of Go Green Leasing.

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Posted on 22nd May 2017 at 4:31 PM

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