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In the spotlight: Ds

Ds is the premium sub-brand of Citroen, which was launched by the company in 2009 and runs parallel to the brand's mainstream vehicles. We spoke to Ds's Karine Douet to find out what they've got coming up next...

What are Ds’s most popular models? What cars in the range seem to get customers the most excited?

Our most popular model is the DS 3. With it three million possibilities of personalisation, DS 3 chill up our customers’ daily life. In parallel, we just revealed the first car of our second generation product, DS 7 CROSSBACK; this new SUV by DS, innovative savoir-faire from Paris is eagerly anticipated by our customers.

Can you tell us about any upcoming launches that you have in 2017?

We're launching the DS 7 CROSSBACK, which was revealed in February this year. Customers can book online the limited edition DS 7 CROSSBACK LA Première, from March 7th to December 31th. And the orders of serial version will be opened starting from October.

What are Ds’s aims for 2017? What are your key growth areas?

To continue the brand strategy implementation, focusing on products, network construction and customer experience deployment and to make DS a worldwide premium automobile brand. Our key growth area is throughout Europe at this stage.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2017 from a fleet perspective?

The brand strategy includes the dedicated B2B extension plan with a particular attention paid to pricing policy to preserve the DS image positioning.

Can you tell us more about your integration of new technology, especially around sustainability and electric vehicles?

In accordance with our strategy, we will launch six global models. Starting from DS 7 CROSSBACK, launch of one model per year, and all will have one electrified version, (HYBRID OR ELECTRIC). Our ambition is to sell more than one third of the DS in an electrified version, by 2025.

With many of the leading car manufacturers showcasing new innovations all the time in a competitive environment... What gives Ds a competitive edge?

DS is the alliance of technology and refinement. Besides the fact of being technological, the DS cars embody the excellence of French savoir-faire.

How do you see green automotive and electric car technology growing over the next few years?

It is definitely the trend, however it is difficult to do a forecast. For DS, our ambition is to sell more than one third of the DS in electrified version by 2025.

What’s next for Ds?

The birth of the second generation DS cars.

All figures provided are those of the manufacturer and not those of Go Green Leasing.

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Posted on 4th July 2017 at 10:46 AM

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